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Viewing site is approximately 10 miles west of Winlock, which in turn is about 4 miles west of I-5, about 15 mi. south of Chehalis. I’d guess the elevation is around 500’. Driving time from Tacoma is a bit more than 1 hours.


As you come into Winlock from I-5, about two blocks before the railroad tracks make a right hand turn onto what is essentially the main street. It is a one-way, two lane road with stores, markets, restaurants and taverns along it. In 2 -4 blocks turn left in front of what looks like a grain elevator. Go across the railroad tracks and turn right in about 2 blocks, onto a street that after a couple of blocks goes in front of a school. Follow that road out of town. (This is King Road.) Pavement ends in about 5 - 7 miles. Continue on the good gravel road, which continuously climbs slightly. Be careful of logging trucks; it’s a busy road. Just as the road makes a low saddle, a mile of gravel at most, turn left. This is a fairly steep dirt/gravel road that is poorer than the main road, but I can get up it easily in a small passenger car. Stop in about 200 yards, as the road levels off along the ridge, and set up along the road.


The view is from nearly north all the way around through west to SE or SSE. It is a very wide, high view with an exceptionally low horizon, except from about due north around through the east to SE, where it is blocked by trees. The natural direction of viewing is generally westerly (and up, of course), away from city lights, and off across tree farms. The next stop on the other side of a range of hills in the distance to the west is the Pacific Ocean. Prime subjects would be those just past the meridian during their night’s travel. LP map gives it a "blue", which is the same as Table Mountain. Given that the viewing direction would be away from lights I’d think it’s on the darker side of "blue."

Site Amenities:

The one drawback of the site is the poor ground. After a rain it would be muddy. I would not go there during or immediately after a really wet period. There are rocks. It could be made serviceable with a few minutes on a shovel, then add a tarp and you’re there.

Thanks to Mike for suggesting the site and providing the site description!

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Last Updated: 1/6/08