Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area


Just north of Vantage. Roughly 2 1/2 hours from Tacoma to Vantage.

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Much of the area north of Vantage is open for public use, although you need a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Vehicle Permit if you go onto the Whiskey Dick or Quilomene Wildlife Areas. (WDFW Page) Below is directions to one site that sounds promising. Overall, this is a good area and I'm sure many sites could be found. Skies here should be quite dark. However, wind can be a problem, especially if you are close to the Columbia River Gorge.


Drive east on I-90 to exit 115 for Kittitas. Go north over the freeway. At 1.2 miles, turn right at the stop sign. Veer to the left onto County Road 81 and continue 1.2 miles from the stop sign (2.4 miles from I-90) and turn right onto the Vantage Highway. Drive past the first access to the Quilomene Wildlife Area at 12 miles, and at 13.7 miles turn left onto the rough dirt road accessing the Quilomene Wildlife Area. At 0.4 mile on this rough road, veer right at the "Y," and at 0.6 mile veer right at the second "Y." A good place to park is at the pullout 1.2 miles from the Old Vantage Highway. (Directions and map from Best Desert Hikes: Washington by Alan Bauer and Dan A. Nelson.)


Also, there is a large pullout on the side of the road not far north of Vantage. Take the main road north out of the city. It's been some time since I've been there, but, as memory serves, the pullout was roughly 5 miles from town.)

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