Hart's Pass and Meadow Campgrounds


The high North Cascades. Roughly 5 hours from Tacoma.  Follow logging road north from Hwy. 20 at Mazama, about 13 mi. west of Winthrop. Use your discretion: the drive has been described as a "white-knuckle" experience and "the most-terrifying road in Washington." But, from what I've heard first-hand, it isn't that bad.


The place should provide close to the darkest skies possible in Washington State. There are two campgrounds. Meadows Campground sports an "astronomy pad", a 10 X 20’ concrete pad oriented north-south. This area was hit by a forest fire in 2003. The campground was rebuilt in 2004 and the skies should be quite open.  (Description from a post at the MVAS.)

Directions and more information can be found at the U.S. Forest Service: http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/regions/pacificnorthwest/HartsPass/index.shtml

Also see the discussion at the Maple Valley Astronomical Society Forum.


Light Pollution Map:


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