Highway 165 / Carbon River Area


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South-east of Buckley and Carbonado.  Located roughly 45 minutes - 1 hour from Buckley.  (1 1/2 - 2 hours from Tacoma.)



This site is a turnout on Highway 165, the road to Mowich Lake in Mt. Rainier National Park, on land managed by the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.   It's very large - RVs could park here without any difficulties.  Observing could be done well away from the road, and I wouldn't be worried about safety at all.  (The road is a good quality dirt road for much of the way.  Regardless, I'd imagine that it gets very little traffic after dark.)  The skies to the south, east, and west are quite open.  The road runs along the side of a ridge here, so the northern sky is pretty well blocked.  (See pictures below.)  There is no artificial light anywhere nearby, so you can get very dark adapted here.

Site Amenities -

None.  I did get cell phone reception here, but it was spotty.


carbonriverarea carbonriverarea

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