Alder Lake

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Roughly 1 hour south of Tacoma, near the town of Elbe on Highway 7. The roads are paved all the way.


An overview and directions can be found at: Tacoma Power's Site.

Site Description:

Alder Lake has some sites that are good for camping and observing. Sites 8, 10, and 12 have decent, but not totally open skies. The sky to the south and west somewhat blocked; skies to the east are the most open. On my last trip there, M33 was very easy to find and quite obvious in a 50mm finder.

Other sites have open skies but are plagued by campground lighting. The day use area here would be great for observing, but I haven't asked about using it. Please let me know if you ask.

Campsites can be reserved at: the Washington State Park's site.

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Last Updated: 1/6/08