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Welcome! I first created this site in 2006. (As memory serves.) I added many sites and revised the main page in 2007. In January 2008 I reformatted the entire site to its current look and fixed many errors, so it is now W3C compliant.


My goal with the site is to find as many places to go as possible: places that are close, places with different climates / conditions, etc. To me the perfect spot has: decent roads, open skies to the west, east, and south, is at least a 3 on the Bortle Scale, allows camping, and has a decent chance of clear weather. (The coast is pretty much out as far as I'm concerned. It is often cloudy / foggy there even when it is clear and sunny in the Puget Sound region.) There are a lot of good spots that don't allow or facilitate camping - I'll add them as I find them and I'm certainly interested in hearing about them. I'm especially looking for more places within a short drive of Seattle / Tacoma for short trips.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, or other feedback please let me know. Go to the "Contact" page to do so. Thanks for visiting the site!

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